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      HELP+ was born of a simple brainchild: to create and improve the awareness of medicine literacy and heighten the pharmaceutical standards in Cambodia. We do not start elsewhere before, but hand-picked the Kingdom as our first foothold to start our movement.


      Garnering the young and youthful ‘Future Leaders of Cambodia’ in the industry as our battalion, WE set to intensify the knowledge and education of medicine and pharmacology related to all fellow Cambodians. While your grandparents didn’t have the luxury of knowledge through Internet-of-Things, in today’s world, you have every rights to know what’s best for you!


      With our flagship brick and mortar store operating 24 HOURS in central downtown and the subsequent store in the new buzztown of Phnom Penh, we crave your support to allow us to build a brand that lasts and continually, “Bringing the face of Pharmacy tomorrow, TODAY!”

      Venturing into the Internet-of-Things (IoT), our online store and mobile app serve to focus  on all skincare, cosmetic, beauty and health needs, making you accessible to us at anytime, anywhere all at your fingertips.


      Hey, just remember, we’re just like you. We hate putting garbage in our bodies, or apply unknown hazardous materials in our skin. If you do too, please join us!



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